Welcome to Tiger N Woods Resorts

Welcome to Tiger 'N' Woods Resort, Pench. We are one of the oldest resort in Pench National Park (now a Tiger Reserve) and a very popular choice of accommodation in Pench.

We are touted as one of the best hotels in Pench by guests who enjoy the wilderness. Situated in the buffer of Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, we have 10 'machan' style log cabins with huge balconies that open up to the jungle.

Sprawling in an area of 3 acres, we are less than a mile from 'Touria Gate' and 12 Kms from 'Khursapar Gate' . Both these gates are popular entry points to the forest due to high probability of tiger sighting.

About Tiger N Woods Resorts

To find out why many consider Tiger 'N' Woods Resorts as the best resort in Pench, one must stay here a night and get the answer from the woods themselves.

With a lot of open space and dense trees, Tiger N Woods offers its guests a retreat like an ascetic where you can fritter away the hours between Safaris by enjoying a drink by the pool, sit on the Machaan and indulge in star gazing or play games where ever you please.

'Roar' , our restaurant cum cafe serves mouthwatering Indian food and snacks. There are indoor games, a library and a Karaoke room to keep you entertained during your stay. We also have a gift shop with products made by the locals of Pench. A variety of trees,butterflies, birds and small animals can be found withing the property itself. We encourage our guests to explore and enjoy nature's bounty in all it's forms. The resort is almost 'unkept' to stay one with the natural surroundings and true to it's commitment of causing minimum negative impact to mother earth. At night, when all falls silent, you can hear calls from the wild animals (a tigress is known to have her territory right behind!)


If you love wildlife and want a really rustic and true to it's name accommodation in Pench National Park, you should book Tiger 'N' Woods!


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  • +91-8888399166 (Bookings)
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