Welcome to Mowgli's Land

With your arrival to Pench, the land of the fabled Jungle Book, the little Mowgli inside you would want to step out and smell nature in its most unadulterated form; Let him! Walk along the age old river beds in search of pug marks of the most interesting kind, while all kinds of birds play Houdini in the trees. Hush down, cock your ears, and listen for the warning calls of various terrified mammals, as the big cat prowls around in utmost secrecy, weaving through the same rocks where you had a breakfast in the morning. Run around, play, or laze under the trees while the sun is up, as once it sets, it is time to cuddle around the fire before you retire to bed for the most precious sleep that you must have achieved in ages.

To know more about Mowgli and his adventures in the jungles of Pench,Seoni , please visit this link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mowgli