Pench Tiger Reserve

If you are searching for some Places to visit near Pench National Park then first place should always be Pench National Park or Tiger Reserve itself. It is one of the premier tiger reserves of India and the first one to straddle across two states - Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Ordinarily, the reference to Pench is mostly always to the tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The portion of the reserve that is in Madhya Pradesh is nestled in the southern slopes of the Satpura range of Central India. Pench Tiger Reserve comprises the Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park, the Pench Mowgli Sanctuary and a buffer. It derives its name from its life line-the River Pench. Inside the park, the river flows from North to South before going on to join the Kanhan River, while splitting the Park into two, and forming the boundary of Seoni District and Chhindwara District districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Pachdhar Pottery Village

Pachdhar pottery village situated about 16 km away from Tiger n Woods is the small potter’s village of Pachdhar. People here have been following the age-old methods of clay pottery. Fathers have taught this art to their sons since time immemorial. One can take a jeep ride from Tiger N Woods to Pachdhar and see the potters sit at their wheels and make glorious art pieces from lumps of clay. You can also buy souvenirs to take back home..

Totladoh Dam Ramtek

Totladoh dam, is a gravity dam on the Pench river near Ramtek in Nagpur district in the state of Maharashtra and adjoining Madhya Pradesh in India.

Kohka Lake

Journeying through the outskirts of Pench National Park in a Maruti Gypsy can provide equal measures of both Nature and man There’s something intrinsically thrilling about off-roading in the jungle during the monsoon — the petrichor, the never-ending thickets of foliage and the symphony of the wild. Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh is teeming with greenery at every nook, courtesy the intermittent rain, and the occasional sun presents a surreal dimension to the forestry.

Tiger N Woods resort is not only a gateway to Pench National Park but also offers easy access to nearby places. Explore the ancient splendor of Nagpur's historical sites or embark on a spiritual journey at the serene Ramtek Temple. Unleash your adventurous side at the thrilling Pench Adventure Park or immerse yourself in the beauty of Totladoh Dam. For a cultural experience, visit the tribal villages and interact with the local communities. Whether you seek history, spirituality, adventure, or cultural immersion, Tiger N Woods resort is your perfect base to explore the enchanting places to visit near pench national park.